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Baikal village eco-lodge is a solitude on the shore of the Great Lake
Discover Baikal village eco-lodge
Dear friends
The philosophy of our hospitality is that each of you can feel comfortable in an enveloping atmosphere, filled with peace and relaxation home.

Our offer is for those who are in love with nature, who wants to escape from the circle of habitual things, to leave from civilization and the stone jungle. Feel the aroma of the mountain air, smoke of the fire and smell of the Russian fish soup (Uha). It is for those who dream of the starry sky, the morning silence and the splashing of waves ...

At traditional resorts you can not escape from vanity and noise.

Everything is different here ...

An amazing world of tranquility and solitude ... Healing sounds of nature, relaxing the body and mind.
Description of the house
Our house is a closed private place where there are no random people, and no one will disturb you. We are pleased to offer you 300 m2 of elegance, home fullness and your own atmosphere. The house is designed for 8 people comfortable accommodation.
Its heart is a cozy living room
With panoramic windows and a fireplace, the warmth of which envelops and pacifies.

Fully equipped kitchen
With a spacious dining area and access to a terrace, where it is very pleasant to meet the morning, drinking a cup of aromatic coffee and just sitting in a chair, listening birds singing in shady green.
4 spacious bedrooms
With double beds and comfortable mattresses will become for you the cradle of peace, relaxation and serene sleep.
2 bathrooms with shower and bath
A room with a washing machine and a clothes dryer
Spacious courtyard with lounge area
At your disposal is a spacious courtyard with a lounge area by the fire and a large table for lunch and dinner.
Russian sauna (Banya)
The soul of our house - a real Russian bath, built by the best masters in old traditions - it is heated on wood. After the steam room with fragrant brooms you can cool in the pool or a mountain river, or (in winter) in a snow-white snowbank.

In the rest room you find hot herb tea with honey and forest berries that give you a blissful feeling of harmony of your body and soul.
Location - all the best is near...
Baikal village eco-lodge is located in the unique ecologically clean place. Surrounded by mountains on the shore of Lake Baikal at the mouth of the Snezhnaya River with its crystal clear water, which originates on the snow-covered slopes of Khamar-Daban.
Take a morning walk along the shore of Lake Baikal with its virgin coast and piercing air, where you can experience its magical energetics and swim in the deepest lake of the world.

In winter, you can arrange a picnic right on the ice, try the the traditional raw fish dish (Raskolotka). Soft velvet snow will crunch under your feet, and unusually beautiful kingdom of winter landscapes will be around.
The river "Snezhnaya" and "Warm lakes"
Along the fascinating bends, banks of the Snezhnaya River, a lot of interesting and picturesque tourist routes with lakes and waterfalls are built. Rafting down Snezhnaya mountain river, it has much complexity.

Nearby there are "Warm lakes" - its name unites three lakes "Emerald", "Fairy Tale" and "Dead". They are in a dense relic forest at the foot of Mount Monomakh's Cap, travelers call this forest magical. Black relic poplars growing in it reach several meters height.
Winter slopes
In 30 km., There is a mountain-skiing resort "Mountain Sobolinaya" with a developed infrastructure and a network of certified trails.

For especially risky and fans of adrenaline- Mamay mountain slopes. It’s mecca for freeriders.